Brave young man

Today I saw one of the bravest moments I have witnessed in my life.  I attended a funeral yesterday for a man that died suddenly, leaving behind a wife and two teenage sons.  I myself lost my own father when I was young, but I was 24 years old.  These boys were 15 and 13.  Much too young to lose someone so important in their life.  As the memorial service progressed, the pastor indicated several people had thoughts to share.  The first person was the youngest son.  A quiet and shy young man, he gathered the courage to talk about what a wonderful father he had lost.  He talked about how fun his father was and how much he would be missed.  In the face of such pain, grief, and shock, I was in awe of the courage it took to stand in front of a packed hall and talk about his father.  Later the older brother spoke as well.  It was a powerful reminder of how fragile our life and our love is.  Although I did not know the man well, I do know this.  He could not have been more proud to see how his sons handled this painful moment with strength and dignity.